With only two albums under his arm, Noble – Pedro Fidalgo's artistic designation – is already presenting himself as one of the most prominent artists in the national territory, as has been proven through the monumental success of hits such as “Honey”, a track that quickly it became a hit near the major Portuguese radio stations and it also acted as a generic for the soap opera “Amar Depois de Amar”; or “Beautiful”, the opening track of the most recent album Secrets, a new stage in the artist's career who aspired to show his gratitude for all those who always supported him during his journey to the top of the national sales charts. With “I Give Up”, the artist's most recent single, a familiar theme follows, where giving up on a consummate passion is the only way forward. 
Unlike the usual, Noble opts for a bold approach, choosing to initially release the live version of "Friday Night (2023 Live Version)" recorded in a concert at Multiusos de Guimarães, on the 27th of May. He thus provides fans with a raw and authentic musical experience, as if they were feeling each chord directly from a stage.
"Friday Night (2023 Live Version)" is a celebration of freedom, passion and the desire to live in the moment. Noble captures the essence of the music in a way that only a live performance can deliver - an environment of emotion, energy and authenticity.


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Noble - I Give Up (Artwork)
Noble - I Give Up (Artwork)
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Noble - Secrets (Artwork)
Noble - Honey (Artwork)